You Can’t Out Spend Your Problems

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More ad spend equals more sales, right?

Not really.

A successful paid ads campaign is built on a strong foundation, and spending more on ads isn’t going to fix infrastructural issues.

Many business owners believe that paid ads are going to magically result in a boom in sales.

However, this only amplifies their problems.

Today we delve into how you can find your bottlenecks before investing more in paid ads. We also give you advice on how to scale your ads for massive growth.

Address Foundational Issues First

A mistake many business owners make is not addressing structural weaknesses. This is where conversion rate optimization audits come in.

Audits are designed to help you identify areas in your business that need improvement. If you ignore this step, it could spell disaster in the end.

A key area that some business owners overlook is their website. A beautifully designed website isn’t enough, it must lead your visitors to making a purchase.

Here are a few common eCommerce website bottlenecks:

1. Difficult to Navigate

One major mistake we see with business owners’ websites is that it isn’t easy to navigate.

A confusing website layout is a surefire way to send them in the direction of your competitor. Your website should be streamlined and guide your visitors to making a purchase.

2. Your Value is Not Clear

What value do you promise to deliver? Your website needs to clearly communicate how your products help solve an issue for your audience. Without a value proposition, you’re missing out on the opportunity to gain a new customer.

3. Slow Load Time and Speed

Load times can make or break your conversion rates. Site visitors abandon websites that take more than 8 seconds to load. Make sure your website is at optimum speed by making sure it isn’t saturated with plugins or large images.

4. Targeting the Wrong Traffic

Without honing in on your target audience, you’re going to attract the wrong type of traffic to your site. This results in terrible conversion numbers.

Getting 5,000 monthly visitors and making 50 conversions is better than getting 10,000 visitors and only converting 10 of them. Make sure to define your target audience and research which keywords will bring them to your site.

After foundational issues in your business are sorted out, it’s time to get into paid advertising,right? Not so fast. You need to have a solid content strategy in place first.

Your Content Strategy is King

You can’t replace your content strategy with paid advertising. The purpose of a content marketing strategy is to attract and engage your target audience. It gets your message to your customer at the right time.

Look at your content marketing strategy as an anchor for your advertising. How so? High quality content expresses who you are as a brand and it communicates your value to customers. It helps you build an audience organically. This makes it easier to sell your products.

In fact, research shows that businesses with a strong content strategy are more successful than those who are too focused on paid ad campaigns.

Without a strategy, it’s going to be impossible to see results you want from paid advertising. Essentially, your content strategy helps to drive your sales funnel. Your sales funnel is what guides your leads into becoming customers.

Let’s say you have a killer content marketing strategy that brings results, what do you do now? Scale your ads.

Here’s how we can do it!

When and How to Scale Your Ads

Some business owners are reluctant to put more money into their ads, especially when they’re already seeing success from their content marketing strategy. However, scaling could be the best decision you could make.

Take the story of a client who had a solid organic content strategy but was hesitant to put more money into paid ads. Once they scaled their ad spend, their revenue jumped from $70,000 a month to over $1,000,000 a month in 8 months. In their case, increased ad spend accelerated their success and amplified their strengths.

A misconception many have about scaling is that it’s expensive. Truth is, you can easily scale without blowing your budget. You can start by gradually increasing your ad spend by 25% and then going from there.

If you’re still nervous about putting more money into your ads, just remember the value of gaining longtime customers. The more you invest in your ads, the greater the chance of getting new customers.

Bottom Line

What’s the point here? Don’t put money into a broken strategy. If you haven’t worked out structural problems within your business, dumping more money into ads is going to end in a catastrophe. Instead, take some time to construct a solid foundation.

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