Why We Chose Shopanova to Run Our Marketing

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Behind the Scenes

On this episode of the eComm Growth Show, we decided to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with a special episode to give you a look behind the curtain of our process and what it’s like to partner with Shopanova. While you might be used to Daniel and Robby hosting the show, this week, we listen in on a call with Oscar, one of our account managers, and Kole Jax Designs, one of our clients.

We began working with Kole Jax Designs just as iOS 14.5 debuted. They had been working with a different agency, and they weren’t happy with the results. They felt they didn’t have access to the data points they needed, and their sales stagnated. With the dark cloud of iOS14.5 looming in the near future, Kole Jax Designs felt that the agency they were working with wasn’t preparing for the changes, choosing instead to live by the mantra out of sight, out of mind.

At Shopanova, we knew the changes coming with iOS 14.5 would drastically impact our industry, and we wanted to prepare ourselves. As we wrote at the time, we believe that industry shake-ups such as this are an excellent opportunity to leap past your competition. We did our best to prepare for the unknown future of iOS14.5, knowing that we couldn’t stagnate with the rest of the industry. Ultimately, this mindset is what made us an ideal partner for Kole Jax Designs.

“Changes are constantly going to be coming, and people are always working on solutions. Because now, it’s too big of an industry to turn away.” (9:31)

As we’ve continued our relationship with Kole Jax Designs, we’ve always seen eye-to-eye on our views of change. It’s necessary and unavoidable, and we must prepare ourselves for evolution within our industry in every way possible.

“Just because we’re grinding and we’re doing all this work and we figured out this data and these campaigns and these ad sets look like they’re working today, they very well could stop working tomorrow. So what are items two through ten after that? What’s the next man up?” (21:11)

One of our core points of emphasis is partnering with businesses rather than viewing them as clients. We believe that we are in this together, and their success is our success. One way we do this is by taking a percentage commission rather than a flat rate. We have a stake in our partners’ prosperity.

“That was one of the attractive things about Shopanova, that you guys take a percentage commission. I love that there’s skin in the game there, and I feel like other agencies are not as motivated because you become a passive income for them…The fact that you guys have skin in the game, I feel like we are collaborating and we are a team.” (28:12)

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