Why The Best Products Still Need Good Marketing

Do you need more Brand Exposure and Online Sales for your amazing product?


Here on the eComm Growth Show, we make a point to help eCommerce brands navigate the often arduous process of marketing and growing their online stores.

One of our favorite avenues for this is talking with founders that have experience growing their business from the ground up.

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Robby talked with Katerina Rothman, the founder of Beflax Linen, about her experience building her online retail brand.

Katerina always had dreams of founding her own business, but she struggled to come up with the idea of what her business would be.

The Big Idea

The idea struck her upon learning that her to-be husband was a hot-sleeper. Katerina searched for a solution in linen sheets, but every brand she found was wildly expensive. Rather than surrendering to pricey bedsheets, she was determined to create an alternative solution.

Katerina founded Beflax Linen with the hopes of creating affordable, environmentally sustainable bedding for hot-sleepers. She started her journey with rigorous product testing and research, hoping that an excellent product accompanied by a worthy mission would carry the marketing burden.

Upon realizing that marketing her brand would be a significant venture, Katerina dabbled with Google Ads before arriving at the realization that her business was too small to reap the benefits of her investment. She then turned to paid social advertising, which has benefited her brand greatly.

The Right Team

Katerina credits a large portion of her success to building a strong, well-rounded team. She emphasizes hiring people to fill the weaknesses that she possesses, and her investment in high-end talent has paid off.

“I’m a believer that you need to understand your strong sides, evaluate your weak points, and outsource those weak points to professionals and experts in their niches. And that’s where you need to devote some time and do your due diligence.” (14:58)

When you hire someone to strengthen one of your weaknesses, you must provide them the freedom to work without being micromanaged.

“Why hire somebody and then micromanage them? Because you may as well just be doing it yourself if that’s the case…I think that is another learning lesson for people, is if you are going to get somebody in to do something for you, give them the opportunity to shine.” (17:25)

Employees that are given the space to maximize their talents without constant oversight bring a new value to your team. If you control all of their actions, how are they supposed to grow the business in the ways they were hired to?

Staying The Course

The final area that Katerina attributes her success is her commitment to staying true to herself and her mission. When others have told her to abandon using 100% linen to lower prices, Katerina stuck with the values she set when she started her business.

“I am convinced that if I have my vision if I stick to it without trying to get an easier way here and there, I’m going to be bigger, and I’m going to grow, and I’m going to stay here for many, many years, versus being another brand that’s just going to be for a couple of years on the market and then die by itself.” (22:02)

Growing your online store sales can be challenging, but we at Shopanova are here to help.