Why Marketers Suck at Facebook Ads

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As a business owner, do you dream of having a high-ticket marketer? One of the highly-educated, experienced “heavyweights” that the big brands can afford?

If so, you might want to step back from that a bit. What we’ve found is that those exact marketers – the ones smaller businesses wish they could afford – are actually worse at Facebook ads than most bootstrappers and smaller companies.

How can that be? Doesn’t a larger budget automatically translate to a better Ads account? It certainly doesn’t – and in fact, we see the gap between great work and sloppy ads growing wider as budgets go up. We think we’ve figured out why – and we’re here to share a few tips to help you avoid the trap.

The Marketing Funnel

All marketers are aware of what a marketing funnel looks like. At the top is awareness, and at the bottom is sales. In between is the nurturing of your shoppers and potential customers.

What you might not realize is that we’ve seen professional marketers – the ones that make the big bucks – focus almost entirely on the top of the funnel. The big brands are so focused on their brand that they forget all about moving people to the next step of the process.

That’s not to say all major brands skip customer nurturing – they do use retargeting and other strategies. But you’d be surprised how many big-money ad accounts we’ve seen with no product catalog, no dynamic product ads, and no focus on actually turning a shopper into a brand loyal customer.

As you might guess, failing to move people through the funnel means these companies spend a lot of money on ads without ever improving their bottom line. That’s a big fail!

Is It All About the Audience?

Another trend we’ve seen is that experienced marketers are overly focused on the demographics. It’s their forte, after all. They can show you audience layers, interest layers, and describe a variety of personas in detail.

All of this looks great in a boardroom presentation, but it doesn’t always transfer into a Facebook ad campaign…

AND if the approach doesn’t work, most marketers are too focused on these demographics and audience ideas to pivot or adjust.

While these demographics and audience profiles are based on some data and research, a lot of it is simply theory. Theory is a wonderful starting point, but it’s not where you stay. You have to see how your ideas hold up in the real world and adjust accordingly.

What Small Businesses Do Differently – That Works

In working with smaller companies, we see that people are less polished. Instead of being a big-time marketer with a lot of ideas, they simply use the data they have and their own logic to create a starting point for their Facebook ads.

Because of this, they are teachable and adaptable. Small business marketers don’t hold on to their ideas so tightly. When data comes in on their ad account that shows something is working, they double down on it. When something isn’t working, they ax it.

In our experience, smaller businesses have an advantage because they can pivot and adjust more quickly. Data moves quickly, and the company that can keep up will have far better results. If you have to go through a half-dozen layers of authorization to make a tweak, you’re going to miss your opportunity.

As a result, these smaller companies have a much more agile strategy than the industry leaders.

Even better, small businesses can quickly launch products based on the response they’re getting from a customer segment, or morph and grow based on audience feedback. This flexibility helps their performance tremendously.

A Marketer vs. A Facebook Ad Expert

So what’s the big difference between a marketer and a Facebook ad expert? And why should you hire the ad expert for your Facebook campaigns over the big-money marketer?

A marketer will take the following approach. They’ll charge tens of thousands of dollars to come up with a detailed demographic presentation. They’ll share with you who your market is, what layers it has, and what they think the best approach is. Everything will be polished and slick and make a lot of sense on paper.

Unfortunately, when it comes to implementation, a marketer may fall short. And if they do, they won’t know how to read the data to react appropriately. A marketer is also used to moving slowly and may not be as agile as your company needs them to be.

A Facebook ad expert will also put together a clear understanding of your target audience. However, they will acknowledge that it’s a starting point, not an end. As they implement your Facebook ad campaign, they will monitor results daily and shift your approach as needed.

Most of all, a Facebook ad expert will focus on your entire funnel. They’ll help you nurture shoppers and actually make sales from every layer of your funnel. In the end, you’ll learn from the data in your account while also maintaining a brand that people know, like, and trust.

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