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In this week’s episode of the eComm Growth Show, Daniel and Robby sit down with Angela Fité, founder and CEO of Kinkistry. Angela loves to experiment with different hairstyles, extensions, and wigs, but she had trouble finding extensions that matched her natural hair.

After trying several brands that didn’t meet her needs, Angela decided to bypass traditional brands and go straight to the vendors. After some time dabbling for her own personal interest, she had curated a collection of hair that was a wide variety of textures, curls, and coils.

Having solved her own hair dilemma, she realized that she could do the same for others. Angela took her collection to the internet, creating a brand focused on helping Black women access affordable extensions and wigs. According to Kinkistry’s website, Black people spend nine times more money on beauty-related products than non-Black people. Angela wanted Kinkistry to be part of the solution.

As she started her eCommerce brand, Angela knew she needed to up her social media game. She had personal accounts on a few different platforms, but she was yet to dive into the intricacies of each platform and their algorithms.

Early on, Angela was the only face associated with the brand. If you visited Kinkestry’s website or Instagram account, you would see Angela and no one else. She modeled, wrote copy, answered emails, fulfilled orders, and much more. It was a one-woman show until a friend offered up a piece of advice.

“A good friend of mine told me that in order for your product to get out and for it to be believable, other people have to wear it. Other people actually had to have testimonials.” (7:22)

With her newfound knowledge, Angela set out to find models and influencers to expose her brand to a broader audience. She couldn’t afford to pay anyone to create content yet, but she could compensate with free products. The influencer marketing was quite successful, spreading the Kinkistry name and drawing new customers to the brand.

When the business began to get more traction and gain a larger customer base, Angela encountered a common problem for entrepreneurs: balancing work and family life. Ultimately, Angela concluded that sacrifice would be necessary.

“Unfortunately, you can’t do everything and be everything to everyone. And as much as I’d love to say I can, I can’t.” (20:18)

Angela learned to pick and choose which parts of the brand she would manage and which things she needed to delegate. One of the delegated responsibilities was marketing, which is how she got in contact with Shopanova.

Kinkistry is one of the first brands we worked with, and we’ve loved every minute of it. We’ve loved getting to play a part in their success, and the brand has been a great partner.

Angela says that curating a solid social media presence is crucial, and Shopanova could take it one step further. By creating a solid base for social advertising to build off, Kinkistry has continued to grow into a premier eCommerce brand.

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You can find Kinkistry at: https://kinkistry.com/

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