TikTok Creative Strategy For Shopify Brands 2022

Propel Your eComm Brand To Stardom (And 8 Figures!) With TikTok

Winning Social Strategies To Keep Your Biz In The Game During A Recession

Huddle up, eComm teams. Because the fourth quarter is starting soon. And if you want big-time profits for your Shopify store, you need a big-time playbook. (We’re talking champions league!)

Here’s how TikTok – yes, that TikTok – can help you land more fans in the stands . . . or at least on your checkout page.

The App That’s Changing The Game

Let’s kick things off with some stats. TikTok’s reputation as the “app for dancing teenagers” is so 2018. Ever since the pandemic hit, brands have been hopping onto the platform to boost their visibility (and their sales!).

At Shopanova, taking advantage of this social media app was one of the biggest moves that helped us increase our revenue by $2M+ in one year.

But remember! Here, we’re all about building a multi-channel dream team – not trying to get one platform to outplay the others. Because every app behaves differently. Each draws a unique crowd, has its own algorithm, and requires a certain type of content.

There is no “best” platform.

So why TikTok? And why now? Two words: global exposure. Want visibility on a worldwide stadium? You got it!

Internationally, TikTok has been the most popular app download since 2020. And with one billion monthly active users (and 167 million videos watched per minute!) this app isn’t just for Gen Z anymore.

That’s why harnessing the viral power of TikTok can transform your brand into a household name. And today, we’re sharing our own tried-and-true game plan for growing your follower count to 1000+ faster than you can say “GOOOAAAL!”

Follow The Rulebook First

Before you can get behind the ball, you need to know how to play.

TikTok’s app culture is everything. Whether you’re creating organic content or paid ads, always start with a community mindset. Here, you’re a member – NOT a leader.

Be human. (This isn’t YouTube!) Professional videos feel out of place on this app. So skip the studio. Use natural lighting, and chat with your audience like they’re your BFF. Because humor and authenticity are the real MVPs.

Co-creation is encouraged. Video options like “stitches” and “duets” make it fun for creators to easily – and instantly! – collaborate.

You’ve gotta bend it like Beckham. When you favor the platform, the platform favors YOU. We recommend using in-app video effects, sounds, and other native features as much as possible.

Speaking of features, TikTok’s music library is popular. But don’t get fouled! Using trending audio for your biz will earn you a penalty by the algorithm refs at best – and a lawsuit at worst. When promoting your brand, always get permission to use content commercially. (Or just use Epidemic Sounds like we do!)

Finally, upgrade to a Pro Business Account. Yes, it’s free. Just do it.

Our Growth Strategy Play-By-Play

Ready to take your shot and hit those follower count goals? When developing your strategy, there are two types of content you’ll need to consider.

The first is quick content. Made up of everyday moments and accessible storytelling, these videos feel more authentic to viewers. The second type is long-term content (aka “evergreen” content) which is usually inspired by the interests of your niche.

And hey, while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about that niche of yours! Every effective social media strategy begins with a target audience. So start by identifying their age, gender(s), values, hobbies, and all that other fun stuff.

Then search for niche-specific keywords to use in hashtags. When you find phrases that are trending, slap ‘em on your posts. Look for eComm-specific hashtags too, like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. (Yep, that’s a real hashtag. You’re welcome.)

After that, it’s time to scope out the other teams – er, brands. Go to the Discover Page to see what’s trending and generate new content ideas. But don’t move your goal posts just to hop on a trend bandwagon. Your content should always make sense for your growth strategy.

The good news? TikTok provides tons of in-app tips and account insights to help you refine that strategy. One of those insights even reveals the best times of each day to publish your content.

In our full podcast episode, we divulge all the deets about time-sensitive posting (and time-SAVING hacks . . . aka batch recording!). So definitely tune in to discover those next-level TikTok tactics.


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