Thriving in eCommerce During A Recession

Thriving In eCommerce During A Recession

An industry-leading webinar featuring some of the best eCommerce/DTC minds in the field to discuss how your business can thrive (and even scale) in the face of a recession!

Featuring a world-class panel of experts, this session is your ultimate guide to surviving (and thriving!) in any economy.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Optimize your cash flow and sales positioning
  • Level up your tech stack for ceiling-smashing growth
  • Capitalize on the BEST omnichannel marketing strategies of 2022
  • Streamline your operations to boost your biz while saving your sanity

Speakers include:

  • Adam Rundle – Founder | Clever Profits
  • Ben Yahalom – Chief Business Officer | True Classic
  • Craig Sullivan – Chief Optimizing Office | Optimal Visit
  • Joshua Johnston – Founder | Work with Hydra
  • Justin McKelvey – Chief Technology Officer | SuprDupr
  • Wyatt Lowe – Director of Strategy | SHOPANOVA

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