The Healthy Balance of eComm Growth

Stop worrying about the day to day frictions in your business…


Friction is necessary for growth in business.

A lot of times, business owners will shy away from friction or conflict when they’re just starting out, but as Biggy said – “mo’ money, mo’ problems”.

The only way to tackle new problems that arise during growth cycles is with different perspectives, and group think is never good for productivity. You need multiple perspectives working towards the same common goals.

Friction Between Business Functions

For us, a lot of friction happens between our core business functions – sales, marketing, and operations – namely sales and marketing for the most part. The marketing team does their job of getting our business in front of as many of the right people as possible with the right message. The sales team does their job of auditing and bringing on the right clients for our business.

Both functions are working towards the common goal, but each department will question the other for any shortcomings in our business. Marketing says “I gave you more leads because that’s what you wanted” and sales will say “these aren’t good quality leads”, so there is a constant friction going on there.

This friction is healthy though. As soon as these two departments put their heads together – even if they butt them to get there – sparks fly, and our business growth explodes.

Similarly, an eCommerce business might experience the same type of friction between Traffic and Conversion.

“I’m paying for all of this traffic, but where’s the sales?” – have you ever found yourself saying this?

Traffic and Conversion is a dynamic that will constantly have friction, but once you’re able to test things, read the data, and optimize your strategies for better conversion, the growth potential is seemingly unlimited.

Friction Between Vision & Operations

As a business owner, you probably started with a vision. That vision has probably changed from time to time, which is healthy and natural for growth. However, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Your operations will determine how your vision is executed. The ability to compromise between your vision and your feasibility in operations is paramount to success. The ability to pivot your vision to accommodate your operations is necessary for growth.

However, there is something to be said for being unyielding with some of your vision and challenging your operations to put a plan in place that achieves your goals. This friction is necessary for scaling.

Friction Between Work & Rest

Working hard or hardly working? For entrepreneurs, this argument is as old as time. It’s been our experience that “a person without rest is a person without wisdom”. We grinded it out for years to crack the code in our business and scale, but we found that rest was necessary for productivity.

That being said, we will be taking a couple weeks off for the holidays to spend time with our families. We are going to be back and better than ever in 2021.

See you then!

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