The End of Facebook

Tired Of Navigating Advertising Platforms Like Facebook?


I’ll let you in on a little secret: people are afraid of change. We are wired to resent it. Change sparks fear in people that what they do or what they love will go away. When people notice change, they often start future-tripping, spending all their time trying to find solutions for tomorrow’s problems rather than focusing on today and finding solutions that embrace change and allow you to succeed.

eCommerce professionals may not realize it, but we are in the business of change. Our job is to track change and adapt systems to utilize that change best. If we are afraid of change, we are bound to fall behind and live in irrelevance. So, let’s talk about a change we are dealing with now, how we can embrace it, and why it can be useful for us.

Changes with Facebook

We have recently seen a couple of significant changes revolving around Facebook that have caused people quite a bit of anxiety.

The larger of the two changes is the introduction of iOS 14.

Basically, Apple is letting its users know that Facebook and other businesses track their information, and iOS 14 requires users to opt-in if they want Facebook to see all of their data. The fear surrounding this is that companies and advertisers will no longer have the ability to accomplish reliable, effective targeting because they are getting less information on their users.

The other change related to Facebook is a shorter attribution window.

While they previously had a 28-day attribution period, the social media company shortened it to 7 days. In short, advertisers were formerly able to track an ad’s effectiveness for 28 days after it was clicked on. Now, they will only see statistics on the ad’s success for seven days after a user engages with the ad.

“What we find is when you have the right perspective when those changes come, you find the right solutions. And it’s those changes that actually give us the opportunity to make things better or get a leg up on the competition.”

These changes have caused many to spiral into anxiety and fear-mongering, but we see it as an opportunity for growth.

How to Make Change Work for You

At Shopanova, we choose to view all change as good change. If you operate from the mindset of things getting better for you and your clients when change occurs, you set yourself up to make the change work for your benefit. As you continue to look at change with the right perspective, you will find solutions that work for you.

Change is good for several reasons.

First of all, it provides the opportunity to make things better. Things tend to get uncomfortable when changes occur, and progress if often born from discomfort. Change also offers a chance to get a leg up on your competitors. If you do not prepare yourself for change and do not see it as an opportunity for growth, you find yourself floundering slightly. If your competitors do this, you can gain one more step on your competition.

“When there is a change, the people who aren’t on top of it are going to be floundering for a little bit. Sometimes it’s a couple months, sometimes it’s longer. And so you can look at that and be like, yes, this is my chance to get a little bit further ahead.”

One last thing to address in regards to change is how you consume news of change. If you allow yourself to sit in a Facebook group and read comments from fear-mongering people, you will spiral into anxiety. It is imperative to remember that online shopping is here to stay. While Facebook, Instagram, and other avenues for reaching customers and tracking data may dissipate, new avenues for success always take their place. You must remain prepared to find the new path to success as the world changes.

If you’re ready to begin looking at change as an opportunity for new success..