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Email & SMS Marketing for eCommerce Brands

Are you ready to maximize your customer acquisition? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! As an eCommerce business owner, you regularly invest money to drive potential customers to your store through a paid ads system, influencer network, or some other customer acquisition system. In order to maximize this investment, you have to create

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Black Friday: Cyber Monday Are Over. What Now?

Are you ready to explode your Online Store Sales this Holiday Season? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! Traditionally, Black Friday was the weekend where businesses would make the bulk of their fourth-quarter sales—or even the sales for the whole year. This weekend was and still is a huge opportunity for stores to

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Overcoming the Odds – an eCommerce Entrepreneur’s Journey

Are you ready to scale your own eComm Entrepreneurship? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! Every entrepreneur has faced their dark moments when life bites you. When the going gets tough, it’s hard to remember why you started to chase your dreams of freedom and success in the first place. Ken Nickels, CEO

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Why Ad Creative is Important

Ready to scale your creative strategy with Paid Ads? >> CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED! The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how we survive as a business. Businesses are having to pivot to online to stay connected with their customers. Travis Chambers, founder of Chamber Media, believes one of the key factors in growing an

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How to Be An Authentic Leader

Are you ready to remove the stress of getting sales through your Online Store? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! What do you do when you don’t feel like showing up? Show up anyway. There’s this constant pressure as a business owner to always be on and be performing. For instance, we talk

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What Analytics Actually Matter

Ready To Scale Your eCommerce Brand With Actionable Data? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! Often, we consult our clients on things other than Facebook ads – specifically the metrics that are commonly overlooked. Our clients are putting everything they have into getting sales, but the capacity to look at the big picture

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How to Grow an Idea Into a Business

Ready To Take Your Online Brand To The Next Level? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! In the Season 2 premiere of The eComm Growth Show, we chat with Suzanne Tucker of Generation Mindful about how building a brand focused on impact rather than sales ultimately produced the desired monetary results that most entrepreneurs are reaching for. Undeniable Passion

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Online Marketing For Creative Store Owners

Do you need more Brand Exposure and Online Sales for your amazing product? >> CLICK HERE TO HIRE OUR TEAM! Here at Shopanova, we are always talking with small-business owners that are hoping to scale. While marketing and advertising are challenges that these companies must overcome, we know there are plenty of other hurdles to jump as

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