Stepping into The Digital Age

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As we’ve stepped into the digital age, so many marketers have lost sight of what we are doing here.

Plenty of people who have been in this industry for a long time have been reluctant to evolve with the trends and embrace newer digital marketing tactics. Younger marketing professionals often tend to dive headfirst into current trends and lose sight of their client’s target audience because they are focused on learning the newest platform.

Often, marketers forget that our priority should be serving our customers in the best way possible!

Jerhad Thompson of Triton Commerce joined Daniel and Robby to discuss why marketing professionals should embrace new trends and connect with others in the industry and how they can best serve their clients.

Embracing Change

We’ve already touched on embracing change here on The eComm Growth Show, especially with the most recent changes in attribution and tracking, and we’re diving a little deeper into the topic once again because it’s essential to progressing in this industry!

When changes occur, and new trends emerge, many agencies get stuck in the mud and don’t have a plan for how they will move forward.

This is a prime opportunity to take another step ahead of your competition – to quickly establish a plan to handle the change or embrace the new trend and see where it takes you!

“For people who are staying on top of it, [change] is an opportunity to stay ahead.” (12:20)

Know Your Audience

While keeping up with the newest trends is typically beneficial, you need to make sure you know your target audience.

Are they using Facebook and Instagram? Is Youtube an effective route to reach them? If they are younger, TikTok has shown signs that it could be extremely useful.

“They were so busy, and he said, ‘So I started asking people, how’d you hear about us?’ and it was 20 to 1 digital. He said that hardly anybody mentioned a billboard.” (13:53)

Beware, if you aren’t prioritizing your customers, you might be wasting your time and their money.

“You talk about integrity and that’s something that I really have too that you know you have to have. Because people talk in this industry and so I don’t want to just throw [money] into TikTok because I want to see if it works.” (7:50)

Connect With Others In Your Industry

Contrary to what may seem logical, connecting and working with your competitors is often valuable.

Many people worry about oversharing or giving away an industry secret, but the truth is, there are plenty of customers to go around. As the digital age continues to go supernova, there will be no shortage of brands and online businesses looking for help with their sales and marketing.

Connecting with others in the industry allows you to learn from each other, see what’s working, and ensure that you serve your client’s in the best way possible.

“We try to surround ourselves with other agency owners where we can always be bouncing ideas off of each other – what’s working, what’s not, how can we help people better?” (16:31)

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