Scaling Your Ad Spend to 10k a Day Profitably

Scaling Ad Spend Beyond $10k/day Profitably

In today’s episode Rob & Dan unpack the biggest pitfalls we see Shopify store owners and CMOs make when trying to scale beyond 10k/day in ad adspend and reveal the must haves for any brand looking to succeed with higher daily spend.


  • Scaling too fast. At higher speeds, more can break quickly and aggressively.
  • Making poor decisions based on inaccurate attribution models. If you’re using inaccurate attribution models, you’re walking your business off a cliff without realizing it.
  • YoYo scaling. Scaling up and down sporadically will throw the algorithm’s learning into a spiral and give poor results.
  • the equivalent to putting a Ferrari’s engine in a beat up Toyota. Not having a clear path to scale both marketing and your entire business. Each phase of growth requires a review of your infrastructure.


  • Pre-planning fulfillment & Logistics. Are you prepared for a 30% increase month over month?
  • Creative (lots of it!). Ad fatigue is going to happen a lot faster. Be ready to replace it.
  • Accurate data. Have a platform that can accurately track the data in real time. Data can come back up to 72 hrs late from Facebook, which is too late if you’re spending aggressively. Understand the nuances of each platform.
  • Monitoring and respond to the data. Looking at hourly scaling and rapid fire scaling
  • Make smart use of automations (don’t abdicate responsibility to rules & automations)
  • Core Team. You need several expert-level people overseeing your marketing. Not you. With diversified channels and high level of spend you need a team of media buyers and someone to manage those media buyers – e.g. Growth Strategist, CMO

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