Numbers That Matter – Client Growth Q1 2020

Do you want the #1 media buying team with $4M in Ad Spend Managed and $20M in Online Product Sales to scale your eCommerce brand?


On our weekly team call, we discuss the status of our client roster and next steps.

This is also when our operations manager presents our key metrics performance as an agency.

We wanted to share how strong eCommerce growth has been during Q1 of 2020. Take a look at how March was for our clients.

Agency Key Performance Score Card (March 2020)

  • Number of Clients: 41

  • Total Ad Spend: $365,350

  • Orders Generated: 45,671

  • Sales Revenue: $2,406,275

  • Return On Ads: 6.59x

  • Cost Per Acquisition: $8.00

A couple of things to note.

Our average CPM across all accounts has dropped from $8.01 per 1,000 impressions to a staggering $6.61 – a 17.5% drop in ad costs!

Our ROAS is crazy right now. This isn’t exaggerated or inflated at all. We had to comb through our entire roster of clients to find anyone that is making less than a 3x return. NOBODY IS LOSING MONEY ON ADS!

There’s one question that pretty much everyone has on their minds right about now if you’ve been reading this…

What do results look like immediately after hiring us?

Glad you asked!

We have a couple of case studies to share.

The first one is a client that has been with us almost 30 Days.

Check it out:

Case Study #1 30-Day Stats:

  • $2,582 Ad Spend

  • 100 Orders Attributed

  • $75,291 Revenue Attributed

  • 29.16x Return On Ads!

…Their first month they literally made almost $30 for every $1 we put into their ads!

Our next case study is a client in their first week of our ads being active.

Take a look:

Case Study #2 7-Day Stats:

  • $464 Ad Spend

  • 576 Orders Attributed

  • $31,940 Revenue Attributed

  • 68.75x Return On Ads!

These results are simply unheard of in the eCommerce space, and they’re not doctored, nor are they inflated.

This client has an established brand and we are driving more shoppers and taking more market share for them than ever before.

If you want this kind of immediate growth in your eCommerce business and you want to become an established brand in your space…