Learn From Failure & You Will Succeed

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Are you struggling to overcome adversity in your pursuit of creating a successful online store?

Many entrepreneurs and online store owners know that it can be difficult to discern whether struggles and failures are signs from the universe that they should give up or if they are merely obstacles to overcome.

On a recent episode of the eComm Growth Show, Deric Cahill discussed this topic with Daniel and Robby. Deric is the founder of Wicked BOLD chocolate, and he’s experienced his fair share of challenges as a business owner.

“It’s cool to see that where we’re at today versus where we were at two years ago is literally just a treacherous walkway of no’s, but we’ve built it into something that’s on the brink of really being successful.” (5:30)

Deric is unique in that he views every bump in the road as the universe testing him. How badly do you want to succeed? According to Deric, it is both a blessing and a curse. Because quitting simply is not in the cards for him, he approaches every challenge as an opportunity to improve and take one step closer to success.

“Honestly, I feel like there’s always challenges. They’re just different as you start scaling.” (11:30)

One challenge that Deric had to face when his business began growing was adding people to his team. The first hire often feels monumental. Not only is it a significant step for the company, but it also sets the tone for future hires. What are you looking for in an employee? How do you onboard new team members? Which positions do you need to step out of first? How will these decisions affect the future of your company culture?

“Trying to replace yourself is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially as a scrappy little business owner. There’s no way you’re going to find someone that’s going to work as hard as you or that’s going to care as much as you, nor should you expect that.” (13:36)

As Deric began hiring employees, he found himself in the middle of a challenging dynamic: being a boss and a co-worker at the same time. Working closely with such a small group often creates a family-like atmosphere, making it difficult to discipline and correct employees when they misstep.

“I think a lot of people miss setting expectations, especially early on with their people. Because it’s small, it’s a family environment, and you want to be friends with everyone.” (16:38)

Ultimately, these challenges allowed Deric to develop a culture at Wicked BOLD that he is proud of. The brand has high standards of excellence, and Deric holds his team accountable. He has also created a culture that emphasizes living boldly. This might mean something different to each team member, but together they strive for bold success by looking for new ways to grow and satisfy customers.

“I think the way you approach tough situations in a business as a leader dictates the kind of culture that you’re going to build at scale.” (17:35)

This culture of maintaining high standards and living boldly has extended to Deric’s customers as well. He has established his brand as one that will humbly accept feedback and respond by making changes when it needs to. Wicked BOLD has become a brand that its customers identify with and want to support.

“The brand might be an extension of me, but it’s only going to be great if people fall in love with it.” (21:57)

At Shopanova, we love hearing how Deric has curated brand loyalty amongst his customers. We often talk about how brand development and brand loyalty make up the path to success for eCommerce stores in today’s world, and we are excited to hear future stories from Deric and Wicked BOLD.