How to Use Social Selling For Massive Growth


Did you know that 90% of users follow a business on Instagram? No longer is the social platform confined to displaying beautiful photos of sunsets, selfies, and food photos.

Enter the new world of social selling. Social selling is the art of utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to discover, connect with, and nurture online shoppers. It’s an innovative way to sell online, where users seek out and are directed to new products of interest across the platforms.

Live video particularly is a great way to social sell across these platforms, as it allows users to connect and interact with online retailers on the spot. This quickens the selling process and makes customers feel more connected to the brand that they would otherwise never have a chance to connect with in person.

If you’re a merchant selling via an eCommerce platform like Shopify, or CommentSold then you’ll want to learn how to tap into this new way of shopping to boost sales and grow your brand. That’s where we come in to help. If you want to smash online sales records every month using a social selling + paid ads strategy, keep reading.

Generate Shoppers With Showcases

If you have a company profile on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you can generate shoppers using live video by showcasing a product or a collection of products. People are drawn to the excitement of live video, and if you pair your presentation with a promotional offer, you’re more likely to draw in viewers.

When you start a live video, it’s your goal to ensure that viewers keep watching until they can connect with your product and your brand. When you introduce the video, explain your products and their highlighted features and reel them in with a live showcase.

With live video, you must use someone who offers enthusiasm, passion, and charisma. Someone who brings the video alive and that people will enjoy watching. After all, nobody wants to spend their time watching someone who seems unexcited and bored.

Prompt your audience to engage with you via the live chat bar. With a platform like CommentSold, you can even generate online sales directly through comments! You can also follow up with these shoppers once the live video ends and try to push more sales.

Plus, the more people feel engaged and connected to you, the more likely they are to purchase your items.

Capture Orders Through Comments

Platforms like CommentSold allow eCommerce owners to utilize comments on social platforms to generate sales. With Instagram shopping posts, users can tap images to view product tags that transfer them to a product page outside the platform. That means they may easily become distracted as they make their way to the cart to checkout their items. The whole process can be long and tedious which, in turn, can put customers off from completing a sale.

With CommentSold, instead of sending away shoppers to another website, the tool automatically places products in the cart that buyers comment ‘sold’ to. Not only that, but an invoice is automatically created allowing buyers to check out with ease.

With CommentSold, say goodbye to spending ages hunting through comments to see who was interested in buying. This job itself can end up taking hours that could otherwise be spent productively.

Plus, the tool can be used on live video too, making the shopping process smooth and lighting quick. Both the comment selling option and live video combined creates a sense of urgency in the purchasing process that results in quick checkouts. When viewers see the constant stream of comment purchases, they develop the feeling that they must compete to buy products before they’re sold out.

The situation gives shoppers the satisfaction of feeling like they’ve ‘won’ their goods. It’s a win-win situation for both you the merchant and the shoppers.

Another advantage is that comment selling offers sellers a boost in the Instagram feed. This is because the comments prove to Instagram that your posts are receiving organic engagement and shows that people are interested in your content.

Use Waitlists

So, your live selling videos are going well, and plenty of your items have sold out. Well done!

When products have sold out and there’s still a persistent demand for them then you risk making sales and growing your business.

Another way CommentSold is useful is that it allows you to create waitlists for in-demand products. The tool automatically captures the queue of customers wanting to purchase a sold-out item with its waitlist feature.

Once someone attempts to buy a sold-out product, they’ll receive an auto-response or email informing them that they’ve been added to the waitlist. When that product is restocked and ready to sell again, these shoppers will be notified, and the item will be carted so they can check out quickly and hassle-free.

Live Sales With Shopify

If you’re not an online boutique, but you want to incorporate a Live Sale strategy for your eCommerce business, showcase a product or collection and have a link for these products ready and available in the Live video description as well as in the comments section. In most cases, the best opportunity to sell your product or service during a live video is when you feel like you’ve captured your audience’s full attention, and you want the link to purchase readily available.

You can also use live video as a product demonstration, offering useful tips on how to use your goods. If your video is packed full of useful information as well as pitches, your viewers are more likely to feel that they’re gaining value for money.

Using Social Selling For Paid Ads

The best part about Social Selling is that it creates the perfect content for paid ads. We use Live Sales at the top of our funnels to build our custom audiences with engaged shoppers, and we use them in our retarget levels to promote new arrivals or promotional sales on certain items.

This strategy keeps shoppers engaged, builds brand recognition, and provides a custom virtual shopping experience that online shoppers love!

If you want our team to help you build this strategy…