How to Unlock Efficiency, Innovation, and Joy in Your Business

Do you want a proven marketing team to make your life easier and scale your eCommerce business at the same time?


We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on tactical systems specific to Shopify and eCommerce, but there are many essential elements to consider when starting and growing a business in general.

The goal of this episode is to create a strong foundation mentally and emotionally so you can develop the right mindset to succeed. We often overlook the fact that one of the most powerful tools in your business is your mind.

Truthfully, a lot of the information you hear and see on the internet is pointing you in the wrong direction. We don’t want to go and say that you should listen to us over someone else, but we want to clarify what we’re trying to say here.

One thing we’ve been super intentional about from the very beginning was that we’re not going to sacrifice our lives in exchange for business success. Part of the reason why we started an online business was so we could spend more time with our family, eat dinner at home every night, and be with our spouses when we want.

We want to be able to get up from the desk and do something in the middle of the day if we want. If we need to relax and decompress, it’s okay because we have systems in place that allow us to be free from our business, and that is the true meaning of success in our eyes.

Think of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time like Warren Buffet, for example. Is he out there hustling and grinding 24/7? Of course not. He has systems in place that replace him in his business, so he doesn’t need to be present at the office to make money.

Interestingly enough, we discovered that when we adopted this mindset it actually made us more productive. We got more done while being able to do less and get away from our business a little.

Let’s talk about two dangers we see happening in the entrepreneurship world.

Pitfall #1. Celebrating The Hustle And Grind

On the surface, the “hustle” lifestyle may appear sexy, and everyone wants to deploy this mentality. The problem is that most are not happy with that kind of life. What about commitments in your social and family life? As humans, we need these things to thrive.

The community makes you think that you can’t grow a successful business if you want free time, and that’s simply not true. As we said, developing systems so we don’t have to hustle has made us MORE SUCCESSFUL.

Pitfall #2. Internal Temptation

The second danger is the internal temptation you feel to hustle and grind. This happens when you don’t see the success you want, so your first reaction is to put your nose to the grindstone and work yourself till you burn out. A lot of business owners do this, and it leads to them being unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives.

This almost always leads to inefficiency and inevitable business failure.

Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve, you need to set boundaries. The sooner you do this, the better. We call these your “non-negotiables.”

What do you want in your life that you will stop at nothing to achieve?

Whether that includes being home at 5 pm to do homework with your kids, eating dinner with family every night, taking care of your body, or whatever your ideal lifestyle looks like for you, write it all down and then find a way to make your business work around your lifestyle.

You’ve heard of a “work-life balance.” So many of us think we need to make our life work around our business. That’s the biggest mistake, and your business will start sucking the life out of you, causing inefficiency and failure.

The Solution

Right from the beginning, we set boundaries so we couldn’t allow our business to become a crutch in our lives. People thought we were foolish, and they’d say, “you need to be in the office if you want to make more money.”

In fact, we did the opposite.

We identified bottlenecks that we were causing ourselves and found gaps in our process. Then we too a step back to fill those gaps with people who could do the job even better than us.

Fast forward and now we have a team of 8 professionals that are experts in their respective roles and it’s growing every month. We’re constantly looking for talented people to be on our team, and we pay our team very well because they are so good at what they do.

If your business relies on you and you’re the most irreplaceable person in your company, you’re a liability. That strategy will lead to burnout, fatigue, low quality of life, and ultimately fewer results.

Then what happens when you finally do burn out, and you can’t work anymore? Your business crumbles at your feet.

You need to come up with systems and processes that will help you scale so you can get what you want from your business. When you do this, you’ll find that you live a better life, and you’re able to generate better results.

One of the best systems that you can put into place is a proven marketing team that has a track record for driving sales with high returns. If this is something you feel like you need in your business…