How To Sustain Explosive Growth

Do you want our marketing team to create sustainable, profitable growth in your eCommerce business?


Can you think of an eCommerce brand that would turn down growth?

Probably not.

But in the process of growing, it can be easy to forget about sustaining your business: how can you keep doing what you do, at the standard you do it, in a way that helps you sustain explosive growth AND your priorities?

We’ve spelled out our top five concepts for sustainable growth as business owners that have allowed us to scale resources at a profitable rate while also scaling trust and knowledge among our team.

1. Only intimacy can sustain intensity

If your company is going to enjoy the process of growing, then it’s vital that you keep hold of the things that made your company stand out in the first place.

At Shopanova, we were determined to make sure that, as we grew, our clients could still rely on us for the same caliber of work.

We also wanted to make sure that our team enjoyed working here. Even if your team is working remotely, it’s essential to create and maintain a healthy culture where people are set up for success.

Sam Walton said in his novel Made In America that “If you want the people in the stores to take care of the customers, you have to make sure you’re taking care of the people in the stores.”

That’s how we see our job as leaders. We want our employees to know that we care as much about their wellbeing as we do about our clients so that they can work effectively and efficiently in a supported way.

2. Your business will never outgrow your mindset

If you’re looking to establish an effective team as you scale up, then you have to establish the culture of the company from day one. This means ensuring that you have the systems in place to find out how things are working – and, just as importantly, when things aren’t working.

Another great Sam Walton quote from Made In America is “My role has been to pick good people, and give them the maximum authority and responsibility.”

We’ve set up systems so that team leaders can provide us with feedback on what works and what doesn’t. In many cases, and especially as your team grows, they are the ones who can see in more granular detail the day-to-day.

We also find that creating a low-stakes environment is a great way to establish a culture of excellence and ownership. Instead of having a work culture driven by fear of failure, at Shopanova we want people to be driven by a commitment to excellence.

This means that mistakes are going to happen. Encourage your team to own their mistakes and come up with solutions, rather than being too afraid to ask for help.

Create an opportunity for your team members to reach out to you on a one-to-one basis. One on one meetings help you to encourage intimacy and allows you to get to know the unique personalities you’re working with.

Let your team know that you’re investing in who they are as people, and that how they work and feel matters to you. Celebrate their wins, and be involved in who they are, so that your company is a place they choose to work.

3. Feel the fear (and do it anyway)

If you find yourself resisting or reacting negatively to a situation, be open to the fact that your gut instinct might not be right. A balanced mindset will allow you to be challenged without throwing you into the deep end of anxieties.

Sometimes your gut is going to be completely right. Other times, you may be reacting from a specific fear or aversion that you haven’t even articulated. Instead of knee-jerk reactions, name the fears you have to see if they’re grounded in reality.

4. Celebrate change

If explosive growth is the direction you’re headed in, then it’s vital to embrace change. Growth itself is change, after all.

Encourage your company to see change as a positive opportunity to respond in an effective way. It can be challenging at first, but even things that have been perceived as “negative” can ultimately work out for you in the long term.

However, this involves fostering an attitude of celebrating change that should be felt from the top down.

5. Keep your vision

An undeniable truth of company growth comes from the fact that your role as a leader is going to change. Just as change is going to be an inevitable part of the process, this also means that your role within the organization may change.

To truly sustain growth in a way that feels comfortable and doesn’t diminish how you feel about your company, you will have to refocus your leadership vision.

Look beyond targets such as revenue goals, and understand that sustaining growth means giving your company a direction. For us, it was a case of wanting to establish a stable company with an enduring legacy – without compromising what it is that we do.

In the end, sustained growth is about employing your vision and trusting in the processes you’ve already put in place. As leaders, we now have to focus more on business direction and less on the day-to-day running of the company – but we’re proud of the fact that our company ethos, and the culture of Shopanova, is able to still complete excellent work in a supportive environment.

Do you want our marketing team to create sustainable, profitable growth in your eCommerce business?