How to Scale Your eComm Store While Others Fail

In today’s episode Rob & Dan cover the big names that have fallen this year and how you can avoid making the same mistakes to not only bypass their failures but continue to grow your sales.

What the Big Names are Getting Wrong

Listen in as we touch on big name busts like Ladyboss, Alex & Ari, Revlon, and Missguided.

With all of these businesses, the common thread is a lack of adaptability. They were unable to adapt to the pandemic, to increased costs, to customer preferences, etc.

Recessionary times shine light on the problems in a business.

What Every Shopify Brand NEEDS to do to Hit Revenue Records – Not Plateaus!


Building relationship equity and the balance between direct response marketing v.s branding. Your brand is the reason people will buy from you.


Your creative has to be disruptive. YourContent strategy is the first thing you should work on. It should be bulletproof.. Make your customers your fans because of your content.


The power of pulling the right levers for your brand – you have to have a high converting website

Your website is your quickest lever.


What got you here won’t get you there – be innovative and optimize your acquisition. The landscape is constantly changing. Where will it be 6 months from now? Pay attention to Vertical vs. horizontal scaling.


Too often ignored, even if you think you have this dialed in, you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Investing in your customers is the best way to invest long-term into your brand


Are you making decisions based on accurate data? Know the difference between real time vs. delayed tracking. Utilize your data, but then incorporate your intuition. Single channel attribution vs. multi-channel attribution – are you making upgrades or relying on the same infrastructure to keep scaling?

Brands Bringing the Fire Thanks to Brand / Velocity Framework

  • One of our client’s July revenue increased 322% compared to last year. $130k to $600k
  • Bookish Box – Experienced 144% increase in Q2 alone
  • Dressed in Lala – up almost 100% in Q2
  • theClothesRak – Just broke past their first goal of hitting multiple 6 figure months.

This is the power of Brand / Velocity. This is possible! Growth can happen even in our current environment.


Tune in to catch this episode of The eComm Growth Show.


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