How to Grow an Idea Into a Business

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In the Season 2 premiere of The eComm Growth Show, we chat with Suzanne Tucker of Generation Mindful about how building a brand focused on impact rather than sales ultimately produced the desired monetary results that most entrepreneurs are reaching for.

Undeniable Passion + Frustration = A Winning Product

A lot of entrepreneurs will ask us “how do I find a winning product that will sell?”

For Suzanne, the formula was simple. She had a burning desire to solve some serious frustrations in one of the most frustrating service based industries – education.

All she needed was a little inspiration.

Finding strength in other entrepreneurs’ journeys, Suzanne went to work and took action. Her biggest takeaway looking back on this stage of her journey is “THINK BIG”. She talks about how she had to go all in – there was no doing this halfway for her. She was going to not only provide solutions to her frustrations for other parents and educators, but she was fully vested in building a brand.

Product v. Brand

When Suzanne was creating her business, she mentions that she didn’t want to simply create a product. She wanted to build a brand that had a lasting impact on her industry.

She mentions that the biggest difference maker for her was focusing on the “Why?” and the “How?” rather than the “What?”. Building a brand isn’t about the tangible item that someone receives. It’s about the message behind the product.

Suzanne notes that it would have been impossible to build her brand without investing in herself and going all in. The way that she did this – Kickstarter.

Launching With Kickstarter

Suzanne notes that most people view Kickstarter as this overnight success story platform. You create a campaign with a great idea… and you get rich.

This simply isn’t the case.

She notes 3 of her biggest takeaways from a successful Kickstarter campaign

  1. Have a BIG idea.
  2. Get the launch prepped with an audience before going live.
  3. Make it short and sweet. Don’t drag out a campaign.

The whole process is essentially like making friends, so treat the launch like it!

The Entrepreneur Journey

Suzanne has some great advice for entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Her biggest pieces of wisdom are to “slow it down” and maintaining “connection” with one’s relationships and well being.

First and foremost, no working from the kitchen table. Family life and work life must be separated.

Keeping clear boundaries and pacing yourself will build sustainability, and more sustainability in your business will create more reach and more impact.

More Impact = More Money

Suzanne reflects on the growth that occurred from the sheer impact that she was able to create in her business.

Now in over 200 countries and giving back 5% of her sales, the Impact has never been greater.. and neither has the sales.

She’s now using partnerships to leverage her reach and create exponential impact around the globe.

The Final Say – Marketing

So we asked Suzanne “what’s been the most effective form of marketing for you?”

It was no surprise to us that she quickly lists Paid Traffic on Social as her bread and butter for growing her business.

Her recommendation and pro tip – start small, learn it yourself, and promote everything. She also adds that promoting your highest performing posts is a great place to start for a small business.

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