How to Build a Successful Brand in 2021 With an Omnichannel Strategy

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How has your marketing strategy changed over the last year?

If you’ve been following along with Season 4 of The eComm Growth Show, you know that we’ve been talking quite a bit about how marketing and advertising strategies must evolve in order to succeed.

The strategies that flourished in 2020 simply won’t work anymore. People spent more time at home and on the internet than ever before, and it caused a perfect storm that allowed brands to see rapid growth through a single marketing channel: Facebook Ads.

“The problem is when the market began to shift really moving into 2021, that one competitive advantage was no longer sufficient, and the market now demands so much more.” (4:40)

As the world turned its eyes to 2021 and beyond, it was inevitable that a single channel strategy stood no chance of succeeding long-term. Changes in iOS14 and Facebook Ads’ attribution window, along with the possibility of a return to brick and mortar storefronts, caused chaos for eCommerce brands across the globe.

Rather than relying entirely on Facebook Ads to sell products and grow their brand, businesses needed a different, more diversified approach:omnichannel marketing. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and influencer marketing offered additional opportunities to boost brand awareness alongside Facebook Ads campaigns.

Better yet, focusing on overall brand development through omnichannel marketing creates the best opportunity for growth. By focusing on connecting with their customers, brands can increase AOV and LTV, improving the sustainability of their success.

Ultimately, a brand’s success relies on its ability to adapt to new situations and circumstances because the strategies that are effective this year may not be sufficient next year.

“You look at the challenges of any great company, and what were they really good at?… They are very good at being adaptable.” (9:09)

Adaptable brands will always have the upper hand against businesses that are slow to react. We often preach to brands how imperative it is that they make quick, educated decisions when the market changes drastically, as it provides an ideal opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

“If you are a student of history, you look back at when things shake up, when economies shake up, when markets shake up, it’s in those moments that breakthrough is created, and you need to come into agreement with the idea that this adversity that I’m facing right now is only going to contribute to my success.” (9:34)

A lot of times, our perception of the situation dictates the results. When the market changes drastically, brands have the choice to view the situation as something that can destroy the business or as an opportunity to grow and improve.

“Whether you’re failing or succeeding or getting the building blocks to succeed, all of those narratives have sufficient evidence to justify themselves. It just matters what you’re choosing to participate with.” (9:58)

How are you choosing to view 2021 and the upcoming years? When time brings change, you have the choice to adapt and evolve, becoming stronger in the process. The choice is yours.

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