Have Fun. Make Money.

Do you want our marketing team to create sustainable, profitable growth in your eCommerce business?


Did you know it’s possible to directly link HAVING FUN with making more money in your business?

A lot of people struggle with this connection, but we see it every day in our business. If a meeting is getting too serious, Robbie will start to call someone out in a firm tone. Then, with everyone holding their breath, he’ll laugh and say, “Naw, just messing with you.” It makes everyone laugh and releases tension, which allows the meeting to move forward more productively.

Do you have a culture of fun, or are you more focused on being serious? How can you inject more humor and lightheartedness into your business? Does it even matter? Let’s take a look.

Amateurs vs. Champions

Studies of amateurs vs. champions in a variety of fields have some very significant results. Champions not only choose a career path that encompasses their talents, skills, and abilities, but they also focus on areas they genuinely enjoy.

For an amateur, on the other hand, many times the career path is chosen for different reasons. Even if they are reasonably talented and skilled, they don’t enjoy it. They may even hate their job.

In anything where you pursue excellence – whether it’s business, sports, or another arena – the difference between a champion and an amateur who struggles is simple. It’s enjoyment. Fun helps them be successful.

Fun Brings Energy

We’d all love to wake up every morning filled with energy and positive expectation for the day. Unfortunately, most of us don’t. You can see from the sheer number of memes about how horrible Monday is and how beloved Friday is that most people don’t enjoy their work.

How can you make that different? By choosing fun! Fun is actually a choice – something you determine to create, find, and make space for in your work. When you approach even mundane tasks with a sense of humor and enjoyment, it gives you a considerable boost in energy and an advantage over your competition.

One of our favorite examples of fun in business is Chubbies. Their commercials are incredible. You wouldn’t think that men’s shorts would be that fun or funny, but they chose to find the fun. As a result, they’re doing great!

Dollar Shave Club and Wendy’s Twitter are also examples of companies that go above and beyond to use humor in their marketing. It’s not only more fun; it helps them excel.

The Opposite of Fun

We work with a lot of large brands on eCommerce initiatives, so we also see the opposite of fun on display. In some of our meetings, the brand team spends so much time trying to one-up each other and claim credit for ideas that nothing gets accomplished.

Many brands are so focused on being competitive and trying to out-do other companies, that they forget all about fun. Individuals end up more focused on personal recognition than reaching group goals. It’s honestly sad, and it damages their ability to attract customers in the marketplace.

Not all large brands have this problem. Bob Iger, formerly of Disney, was an example of effective fun. He could definitely close deals, but he approached everything with humor. Bob was a fun-loving guy and joked with staff often. He was all smiles, but he was also a great businessman.

Overcoming Internal Fun Blocks

One thing we’ve discovered as we’ve tried to create a fun culture at our company is that it’s not always easy. We help clients with Shopify, WooCommerce, and CommentSold, among other programs, and sometimes there are internal feelings that make it hard to have fun.

Some people were raised with the idea that making money is wrong, or that having fun at work is bad – or worse, with both views. Fortunately, you can identify those and examine them. From there, you decide what’s true and what’s simply an external stigma.

Fun Brings the Creativity to Solve Problems

One of our salespeople came from a very high-pressure environment. He had a bad week and met with us, full of anxiety. He promised to do better on an upcoming sales call. We made a joke about it and helped him relax. Guess what – he had a much better week after that!

When you aren’t having fun, you’re usually putting a lot of pressure on yourself. Yes, you have goals and performance indicators. But you don’t have to be so serious in pursuing them. In our business, we try to approach even big problems with a sense of humor and fun. It makes the issue seem smaller and gives us more creativity to address the challenge.

Being under a lot of pressure causes productivity to go down and hinders innovation and resourcefulness. It’s unnecessary tension. Instead, choose to have fun and see what happens. You’ll be more motivated and have more stamina to stay the course.

So lighten up a little bit, have fun, and make more money!

Do you want our marketing team to create sustainable, profitable growth in your eCommerce business?