Growing Your Brand With a Broad Audience

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On the eComm Growth Show, we love to highlight eCommerce brands that are sticking out from the crowd and paving a unique path while they build a successful online presence.

Undoubtedly, Dwell ( is a perfect example of one such success story.

Dwell creates graphics and designs that help its subscribing members memorize scripture throughout the day. The brand sends out a temporary tattoo, keycard, and devotional print, each with the Bible for the month.

Natalie Abbott and Vera Schmitz, the founders of Dwell, recently joined Daniel and McKenzie to discuss their brand’s success with a broad customer base.

Learning From Feedback And Mistakes

One of the most significant contributors to a brand’s growth is its response to its mistakes and customer feedback.

Many younger companies struggle with process-oriented development. Creative, visionary founders focus on big picture ideas rather than day-to-day tasks and processes, but establishing and organizing a system for these processes is vital to the growth of the business.

“It’s a big deal to have those processes in place. And the sooner that you can go about getting those processes lined up and working and all those cylinders functioning, the better. Because you want to learn those mistakes early, instead of learning them when they’re more costly to you.” (9:22)

Similarly, the feedback that young businesses receive from their dedicated customers is critical to product development. Often, the best way to encourage customers to give their input is through engaging with them on social media.

Dwell responds to every social message and comment it receives, both good and bad.

“We just try to do our best to assume the best of people, show love, and show up.” (27:26)

Strategic Branding That Stands Out

Throughout its existence, Dwell has been dedicated to branding that both stands out from the crowd and attracts everyone.

“I think about some of my friends who I think are really cool and modern, and when I’m writing or when I’m designing, if I think they would put it on their feed or they’d wear this tattoo, it’s going to catch everybody.” (13:31)

Natalie and Vera are passionate about making sure that their content doesn’t attract one demographic specifically. Their mission is to reach everyone, and their content exemplifies it.

The brand avoids trends that attach themselves to specific groups.

For example, you’ll never see pink heart emojis in Dwell content because they want to attract a broader audience than young moms. Similarly, Dwell avoids emojis with skin tones because they don’t want anyone to feel like Dwell’s products aren’t for them.

Advice For Aspiring eCommerce Store Owners

Looking back at their shared experience with Dwell, Natalie and Vera encourage aspiring store owners to take the leap into entrepreneurship. There’s always a reason not to take the risk, and you’ll never do it if you always wait for the right time.

“If you have an idea, do not take forever to try and make it perfect. Just take the first step. Just make it happen.” (29:29)

Certainly, words to live by!

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