Growing An eComm Brand | What Converts & Common Mistakes

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Are you having a hard time converting your ad spend into additional revenue? Maybe you feel like your marketing strategy isn’t working, and you can’t seem to figure out why your online business isn’t hitting the sales numbers you were hoping to reach.

Our resident marketing expert Nathan Otwell joined Daniel and Robby this week to provide you with what you need to finally achieve the online sales numbers you’ve always dreamed of.

“If you’ve got money to put behind advertising, I can make something happen. I mean, that’s just, that’s the way my mind works when it comes to your brand.” (19:21)

Nathan is the CMO at Shopanova, and he audits our potential clients’ accounts to see how we can best maximize their return on ad spend. Today, he shared three of the most common mistakes he finds in prospective accounts.

Valuing Clicks Over Shoppers

When digital marketing and advertising first exploded onto the scene, everyone bought into the PPC model. Teams focused solely on how many people were clicking on an ad because if they could get someone to click on the ad, there was a good chance that person would turn into a customer.

Marketers knew exactly how much a click was worth.

If your marketing strategy is based entirely on how many people are clicking on your ads, you’re doing it wrong!

Today, online shoppers are more intelligent than ever before, and they’re performing copious amounts of research before they buy products. A marketer’s job is evolving from convincing people to click on ads to guiding people through the entirety of your sales funnel.

You must find a way to turn a click into a valued returning customer.

“So now you have these savvy consumers that are going around and researching before they buy. In order to keep those people interested in what you have going on, you have to have a strategy that takes them from basically the first time they see you to the purchase. And what we call this in Walmart world or big retail world is the path to purchase.” (4:23)

No Strategy for Retargeting

So many marketers prioritize customer acquisition, but the real treasure is usually customer retention.

Yes, expanding your customer base is vital to growth, BUT you will not grow if you are not creating loyal customers that return regularly to purchase from you again and again.

When you find a marketing strategy that converts shoppers into customers, you also need a retargeting strategy to make sure they keep coming back! While a good product has worth to your customer, keeping your name in front of them will ensure they don’t forget about you.

When you can convince your customers to buy into what your business stands for, they are more likely to want to support you long term. Prove to them that your brand has value beyond a single product!

“At the top of the [sales] funnel, you need to be communicating brand. You need to be communicating who you are. You need to be communicating values, and really like, what makes you unique from this other person that you might see on your Facebook feed next.”(7:52)

Failure to Optimize Successful Testing

We regularly come across companies that have a marketing strategy that works, but they don’t do anything else with it. They run one ad campaign that is hyper-successful, and then they try to create a new strategy next season.

When you find something that works, keep using it! Modify it to fit whatever the new product is, and run with it. You don’t have to create a new strategy all the time if you have one that continues to work well.

“That is marketing right there. Like, people that can take a look at what they’re doing and basically multiply it every single quarter or every single season. That’s what we do as marketers.” (14:30)

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