Don’t Hire An Agency Unless They Do These 3 Things


Unfortunately, “Someone who helps me grow,” isn’t specific enough. Everyone will promise to help you grow. How do you know if they’ll be able to actually follow through?

The answer comes from looking for specific criteria in each agency you consider. As a Shopify store owner, you have specific needs and you need to ensure that the agency you work with is able to help drive sales and a return on your ad spend, but also help you GROW.

So what criteria are most important? NEVER hire an agency if they don’t do these three things.

Make Sure It’s a Good Fit

Too many ad agencies are so hungry for your money that they will try to sell any and every e-commerce store on their package. You definitely don’t want that!

If the agency you’re talking to doesn’t ask a lot of probing questions before launching into a sales pitch, you’re definitely not talking to the right one.

Not every approach works for every store. If all you’re getting is a hard sell, walk away.

At Shopanova, we have a conversation that starts with getting to know you. We don’t assume that any particular package is exactly what you need until we know more. In fact, if you’re not a good fit for our solutions, we won’t offer a quote or try to get your business.

We don’t want you to have a bad experience. We look for the right fit every time.

Due Diligence

Even if you’re a great fit with an ad agency, they have to do some pretty deep dives to truly understand how to tailor ads for your specific business. Despite what some agencies will try to tell you, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ad solution.

Any agency that you’re interested in working with should review your ad account and store metrics to make sure that the solution they’re proposing makes financial sense for both sides. There are times that you’re not ready to scale, and you need to fix some things and build up on your own before you invest a lot of money in ads.

Someone who will sell you ads without even looking at your results or customer base is not doing you a favor. They could be charging you a lot of money for something that won’t work for the stage of business you’re in.

Realistic Expectations and Projections

Business owners love to get excited about their company. You’re optimistic about what’s possible, and you should be! It’s how you find the energy to make your company grow.

An ad agency can take your optimism and excitement and put real numbers to it. However, you have to be sure that they aren’t making promises they can’t keep. If an agency tells you they can 10X your results right away, they are full of it. Business just doesn’t work that way!

At Shopanova, we give you a realistic timeline. It takes weeks of testing and trying different ad sets before we discover the “secret sauce” that works specifically for your business and target market. Every single Shopify store is different, so we have to discover what will make the difference for you.

However, once we find that secret sauce, the scaling opportunities are endless. After all, once you are making $5 for every $1 spent, there’s no longer a problem with budget.

Work With an Agency To Grow Your Shopify Business Today

When you work with the right agency, the possibilities are endless. You have the ability to grow your business to the level you’ve dreamed of.

Working with a company like Shopanova allows you to have marketing experts at your disposal without having to hire them yourself. You can be nimble and adjust more easily because you’re not hiring, training, and building your ad approach on your own.

A change in strategy in-house can take weeks, especially if it requires new skills. An ad agency can make the shift right away.

You can also budget more easily when you work with an ad agency. With the testing we do, you can focus you money on the approach that actually works, instead of spreading your money across multiple strategies.

Finally, working with an agency like us gives you access to best-in-class tools and technology. You don’t have to research and select them on your own – we already did the hard work! You have access to all of our tools, resources, and expertise, simply because you chose to work with us.

If you’re ready to get started and make this year your best ever, we’re here to help.


We’ll make sure we’re a great fit, do due diligence, and carefully test ad methods until we find what works.