Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters boutique goes from feeling limited by time and their ability to grow their reach to acquiring customers all over the country and feeling supported by a team that compliments their strengths.

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Sole Sisters

Based in Mississippi, Sole Sisters is a 10,000 square foot shoe store and boutique that is known for it’s fun quirky environment and the cows next door. To some this may seem out of place but for shoe lovers, this store is a dream come true and a place that feels like home. People in-person and online alike come back year after year to share in the experience that the Sole Sisters provide.


The Sole Sisters lack nothing in regards to charisma and a personality that shines through the noise. The challenge was adapting this and delivering content to an online audience in a way that expands their reach, stays true to who they are, and grows the business at the same time. Leann and Nicole of Sole Sisters LLC, love getting high quality products in the hands of good people but felt very limited in their ability to do this repeatedly online. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day to master online advertising in a way that would help them achieve their goals and continue running the store at the same time.

Idea & Concept

Coming alongside SoleSisters, we felt we could help by focusing on three key areas towards the goal of increasing their sales online. First, we had to guide consumers towards Brand Discovery and answer the question “How do we communicate the same value that Nicole and Leann communicate in-person at their store to an online audience?”. Second, once the consumer had an affinity and an awareness of the brand, we would create ads to guide them towards Product Discovery. Third, we create Experiential Shopping by re-engaging consumers with the products they had the most interest in, all while keeping the heart of soul of the Sole Sisters tied to the ads and content being created.

Solution Results

With diversified revenue channels, revenue increasing month over month, and Shopanova’s support managing the ad accounts, the Sole Sisters can focus on doing what they do best, spend time doing what they enjoy most, and expand their brand’s impact as they grow.

Service Strategy

Ecommerce Partnership | Shopanova

“If they post your product, know it’s gonna sell and have your stock ready! They got to know our store specifically and the ads look just as if we had made them ourselves and that’s the key. I feel relieved because even if I fail, just because of life, I still know ads are being put out to our audience and our customer base is growing leaps and bounds! Thank you Shopanova!”

The Sole Sisters

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