Natural hair extensions brand goes from simply being a participant in the market to steady growth year-over-year and niche domination

Project Details

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Client Profile

Kinkistry is a 100% human hair extensions brand. A love and passion for natural hair sent founder, Angela Fite, on a determined search to find kinky curly hair extensions that were affordable AND of high quality. She discovered that many other women were having the same problems and made it her goal to not only find a good source for virgin human hair, but to deliver top-notch extensions that blend well with natural hair.


Back in the beginning of 2018, our conversations with Angela highlighted a desire to expand her sales beyond what she was bringing in through organic content. She had developed a significant community of women sharing hair tutorial videos and she was in a perfect position to sell products that made these styles possible. Realizing that this was only the tip of the iceberg of what was possible she reached out to Shopanova looking for help to revamp her online presence, amplify her brand, and multiply her customer base.

Idea & Concept

To help Kinkistry become an industry leader, we provided support in three areas; platform, content syndication, and amplification. Prior to Shopanova, Angela’s entire website and backend marketing was built through rigid templates which left her with limited capabilities and a storefront that didn’t live up to the beauty of her brand. We helped her get 100% re-platformed onto Shopify and migrated all of her email lists into systems that were fit for scale. Next we focused on taking top-notch user generated content from her influencers and instagram profile and syndicated these into a paid ads strategy. The last step of this strategy was to fuel the fire with ad spend and amplify the brand’s message to hundreds of thousands of women.

Solution Results

In the beauty industry brands are quick to include women of color in their advertising but rarely supply products that are compatible with their hair types. Years later, Kinkistry is still expanding and providing real value to women of color. The massive revenue growth is the cherry on top of impacting and serving an entire community of women.

Service Strategy

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Angela Fite


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