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Literary subscription box goes from a steady decline in orders to 473% revenue growth.

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About the Bookish Shop

The Bookish Shop offers a subscription service that delivers a unique selection of new releases, pre-orders, bestsellers, and award winners to their customer’s door every month. There are several subscription offers, depending on the customer’s personal reading habits and what they want. Bookish Shop believes in encouraging young adults to be actively involved in reading. For those who are already ardent readers, the Bookish Shop provides a platform to encourage them to keep reading while always inviting new readers to join the fray.

Revenue Growth with Shopanova
Bookish | Case Study for Shopanova


There are many things in business that can be learned, improved over time, rinsed, and repeated but marketing is and always has been a moving target. Sales were dropping lower and lower, month by month. Blogger gone entrepreneur, Justine Woods, felt that the strategy that got her to where she is today, wasn’t going to sustain her company or get her to where she wanted to be.

Idea & Concept

Our initial audit highlighted two major areas of opportunity. First, there was no cohesive sales funnel in place that truly nurtured customers from the first touch point all the way to the point of a repeat purchase. It quickly became a top priority to get this framework built out for them as soon as possible. The second major area of opportunity for the Bookish Shop was to use new product launches that were already taking place, to fuel advertising content and fill the newly built sales funnel with compelling creative assets.

Solution Results

Five and half years into the business Bookish had around 1,500 active subscribers purchasing their products. After going through a strategy overhaul together, Bookish quickly took their subscriber base to 7,000 and continue to grow!

Service Strategy

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“I found somebody (to run my ads) and he did a good job for a couple months but they were performing worse and worse…You guys came in and have done really great for us. Our shop is now doing 18 times its original revenue and things are really good. A lot of that is from having good marketing. You guys will have to kick us out, we’re not going anywhere.”

Justine Woods

Founder The Bookish Shop

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