The Business Development team are the gatekeepers at Shopanova.

When you apply to work with us, our team of specialists go to work, combing through your current marketing initiatives to find the holes that our team can plug.


“It’s not every day you find a Business Development team that is so intensely locked in on finding the right fitting companies with which we can make a real difference.  It has been my privilege over the last 5 years to witness literally hundreds of entrepreneurs come through our system and take their businesses and dreams to the next level.  A huge part of that success boils down to the countless hours our Biz Dev team takes each and every week to better understand the complicated world of Paid Social Advertising and how it relates to the every day business owner. We don’t pretend to be the perfect fit for every situation, but when we find someone we can truly help, we view it as our moral responsibility to take action.”

⁃Patrick Schilling

Patrick Schilling

Head Of Business


Our system starts with our business development specialists. Once the holes in the funnel are plugged, we can pour resources into it without any leaks – to truly scale.

Michael Pursely

Business Development Specialist

Matthew Meiser

Business Development Specialist