Conscious Capitalism

We believe thriving businesses make the world better. By helping your company realize it’s full potential, careers are provided, resources are generated, and products that add value to people’s lives are shared. It is this belief that gets us out of bed and into your advertising with our hearts full and smiles on our faces because we know that when your business thrives, the world becomes a better place.

Measure Success by Increases Revenue


How do we measure success? By measuring if your revenue is growing. How do we grow revenue? By getting you more customers, who spend more money when they buy, and getting them to purchase more often.
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Growth doesn’t happen overnight but it’s much easier to stay the course when you have a map and can see progress. With crystal clear expectations and a digital roadmap, we outline each phase of growing your sales so you know exactly what to expect.

Communication and Online Advertising


Your success is our success. Through tight communication we ensure that everything we do is an accurate reflection of your company and is moving you closer towards the achievement of your biggest goals.

Our Founder's Story

Robby and Daniel grew up in Alaska working as commercial fishermen and doing construction projects during the off-season when they weren’t out at sea.

“This active, adventurous lifestyle suited us for a long time because we were able to thrive by outworking the competition,” Daniel said. “We’d sometimes skip sleep so we could squeeze in a few more hours of work – even up to 20 hours a day.”

It was great for a while, but eventually trading hours for dollars – even though they were good at it and doing quite well – just didn’t feel right. Within a few short years, both men became husbands and fathers and, with wives and children that missed them anytime they were gone, things started to change.

After Daniel rolled his boat in rough weather and almost lost his life and the lives of three other crew members, both men knew that the time for change was yesterday. Making money at the potential sacrifice to their safety, health, relationships was no longer worth it. On top of all the monetary goals, needs, and pressures, they wanted to be good providers for their families, abundantly and in every area of life, and that included the time spent playing with their kids and being amazing husbands.

They both desired to do something THEY were passionate about..? First, they made videos and marketing assets for clients under their first marketing business. They were good at it but were barely breaking even doing things the only way they knew how – cold calling.

Then they discovered the power of Facebook ads and went all in, learning every single detail there is to know about this platform.

“Now, we’ve created our own processes and effective sales funnels to fully leverage the power of advertising online for our clients and we are helping everyone make more money than ever, including our growing Shopanova family,” Robby said. “We’ve come a long way from the months wondering how we’d pay our rent or feed our families and we’ve built an amazing tribe along the way. We’re truly grateful for all that we have and every client that we’ve blessed enough to serve and build relationships with.”

Meet Our Team

Our team is a vibrant mix of techsperts, creatives, and business strategists who believe in building a brighter future for the brands we work with. We’re focused on growth, both for us, and for you.

Our Culture

We believe in a meaningful work community where people are supported and challenged to become their best both personally and professionally. Our team pushes themselves daily to get better results for our clients. The key? Collaboration. At any given point, you have a mastermind of 40+ people behind you, crushing any obstacles ahead. We work as a family and we celebrate wins as a team. We’re in this together.
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Daniel Stafford


Founder of Shopanova | Ecommerce Growth Strategist

Robby Switzer


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Shopanova Gives Back

Aside from being a premier eCommerce growth agency, Shopanova believes in making an impact in the world. Every year, they donate a portion of revenue to the non-profit organization, Exodus Cry, that empowers and liberates people around the world.

Exodus Cry seeks to abolish the injustice of sex trafficking and prostitution by focusing on four key areas – Shifting the culture, changing the laws, reaching out to the oppressed, and through the creation and publication of informative but hopeful films.

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