5 Pillars of a Successful Business and How to Avoid eComm Failure

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How is Your Business Operated at Scale?

We’ve learned and crafted a successful model based around these five pillars through our time in the industry:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Operations
  4. Delivery
  5. Finance

It’s worth pointing out that these five components all have equal importance but should be executed in the order they listed. Not doing so might result in the failure of your online business.

Why are Marketing and Sales a Top Priority?

While many people think that the product and its viability is more important, you can’t stay in business if nobody knows about what you’re selling.

Furthermore, if they do know what you’re selling, consumers must also want to buy it.

The most mind-bending products that seem like they should sell crumble into nothingness due to non-existent marketing and sales.

Take Steve Jobs, for example, and his association with the iPhone. The tech icon’s main strengths were his ability to create culture, land deals, and establish a vision, notwithstanding his astonishing charisma.

Where he probably lacked most was at physically developing products. Even if he were in his prime, Steve Jobs probably couldn’t have built a computer or laptop.

Yes, the iPhone, as a product, was tremendous.

But it was the marketing and selling skills of Steve Jobs that made it a phenomenon. If not for the buzz he knew how to create and how he ignited the public’s imagination, there’s no way the product would have been transcendent. Nor would it have been possible to continue developing further, more advanced tremendous iPhone technology.

Stop Throwing Everything into Product Development

There’s no doubting how critical it is to have a quality product. But developing that product is a complete waste without marketing and sales strategy firmly in place.

Of course, we understand why some eCommerce businesses fall into a trap where they think marketing and sales are cheap and gimmicky. Ads are littered throughout the online space. “Gurus” everywhere are promising to change your business with some manner of dark magic.

Whereas the quality of your product seems like it should speak for itself. It’s the substance that you need to give your company a tremendous reputation that leads to word-of-mouth buzz.

Unfortunately, leaving yourself bereft of marketing and sales will turn your excellent product into a financial sitting duck.

We’re not going to sit here and deny the overwhelming presence of hollow online ad people. But it pays tremendous dividends to do your research, hire experts with a proven track record (if necessary), and give these two critical pillars the attention they deserve.

Quality Marketers Don’t Work for Free.

Some online businesses with considerable brand power are just as guilty of undervaluing marketing and sales as less experienced entrepreneurs.

Because many marketers have offered cheap – if not free – services, these organizations gain a sense of entitlement.

We know from experience – having performed audits – that these otherwise powerhouse brands have significant holes in their online ad campaigns. Eventually, they all realize the error of their ways. Still, frequently the damage has been done by those inexperienced, underperforming “free” marketers.

All Pillars Play a Pivotal Role

You’ll notice that the majority of this blog has delved more into the marketing and sales aspect of eCommerce. Since these are the kinds of services we offer, we’ll tend to see an online business through those lenses.

Therefore, we must then reiterate that all pillars are equally crucial.

Without sound internal operations, your business wouldn’t be able to function properly. In the absence of delivery, which is your product, you then have nothing to give customers. If you don’t have enough financial backing, your company can’t sustain itself.

The Critical Nature of Product Delivery

Let’s talk about Steve Jobs once more:

Here’s someone who – when carving his name into the annals of world history – had a dedicated team of skillful engineers at his side.

He knew that no matter the idea, he’d deliver on a product that satisfied his consumer base.

Technology can help you perform wonders these days, but not all eCommerce businesses can execute on their marketing promise.

We see this discrepancy most frequently with drop shippers, who tend to hit consumers with the razzmatazz of marketing and sales but can’t follow up.

Marketing and sales being a top priority should take you to the promised land. Yet both pillars can’t make up for a product that takes forever to deliver, shows up damaged, and is of altogether poor quality. And it won’t cover for poor customer service, either.

Your product must back up your marketing and sales promises. And vice versa.

With a product or service that you can genuinely believe in, it’s then time – with marketing and sales – to ensure you don’t end up being the best-kept secret around.

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